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Five And Some Impertinent Baggage

November 3, 2010

The Famous Five are David, Giddy, Terry, Little Michael Gove Aged 6 and new arrival, Willy (Foxy’s replacement).  Their corpulent pet dog called Mr Pickles always enjoys taking part in the Five’s adventures as does David’s magical toy Clegg, and other enchanted toys they kidnapped from Toyland.   The children’s overall aim is to seize control of the supply of tasty treats in the area but their sworn enemies are the poor (but very tough) children in the valley led by the Secret Seven.  In the last episode the five succeeded in trapping the Secret Seven in their hide-out.  With the Seven out of the way temporarily, the Five are planning to steal tasty treats from all the shops in the valley.

The Famous Five are inside the largest shop they have ever seen.  There are aisles upon aisles of food, and Mr Pickles is helping himself to as much of it as he can reach.  The children and their toys are in the confectionary aisle and they stare with wonder at the quantity of goods they can see; lots of cakes, sweets and chocolate, wrapped in colourful packaging.  “Gosh!  What a terribly vulgar place!” comments Terry.

“Yes!” adds Giddy with excitement, “But I think it is jolly good though!  What a commercial paradise it is!”

David places his hands on hips.  “Giddy is right!” he confirms, “And shops like these even give smart uniforms to the commoners who work in them!”

“How generous of them!” Willy exclaims, “Mind you, it is also quite sensible! One doesn’t to want to be buying things from scruffy tramps!”

“Yes it is!” David agrees, “At least it ensures that they have at least one smart suit of clothes to wear!”

Little Michael Gove Aged 6 is already throwing lots of tasty treats into a trolley but appears worried, “How are we going to get it all home?!” he squeals, “And this is just one shop!”

“It seems that we’ll have to make several trips!” Giddy exclaims with a grin, “It is obviously going to be a more complicated venture than I thought!”

There are many people in the store and one lady who is wearing a bright red uniform is eyeing the children suspiciously.  “Who is that horrid woman over there?!” complains Terry who points at her, “She has been staring at us for ages!”

“I’ve just noticed that!” Willy agrees as he helps himself to bottle of fizzing ginger-beer, “She must have been very badly brought up!  My mummy says it’s rude to stare!”

The lady begins to approach the children.  “Look!” yells Little Michael Gove Aged 6 in alarm, “She’s coming over!”

“What are you children doing?” asks the lady, “Don’t you realise you have to pay for things before consuming them?!”

Terry is annoyed by this.  “Who are you to tell us what to do?!” she screams, “You’re very common and you’re not our mummy!”

The lady seems unimpressed by Terry’s argument and replies, “And where are all of your parents?”

“Mind you own business!” David butts in, “You impertinent baggage!”

The lady now seems to be rather infuriated.  “Look!” she snaps, “I will have to ask you to leave the store!  You’re not even allowed to bring your dog in here!”

Willy is angry.  “Are you referring to Mr Pickles?!” he asks, “He is of very fine breeding, which means he has more right to be here than you!”

“Bark!” agrees Mr Pickles.

“That dog is covered in crumbs and dairy cream!” the lady in the red uniform remarks, “It has obviously been eating lots of items in the store!  I’m going to call security!”

Terry has been watching the lady with suspicions of her own “Are you foreign?!” Terry asks, “I bet you’re foreign!”  She jumps up and down with excitement.

All five of the children and all their toys dance around the aisle chanting, “We’ve found a foreigner!” over and over again while Mr Pickles exclaims, “Howl!”

The lady runs off down one of the aisles to find security.  David shouts, “Right!  Here’s our chance, we must escape with our tasty treats!  Willy make sure you get plenty of lashings of ginger-beer!”

The children push their trolleys through the magical doors of the store which automatically open for them.  They make their escape into the dimly lit evening.  “Look!” Giddy shouts, “We’ve been out for the whole day and I don’t even feel sleepy!”

“Gosh!” David remarks, “Nanny will be wondering where I am!”

There is an electronic squealing sound.  Terry looks at Little Michael Gove Aged 6, “Is that you making that ugly sound?!” she asks.

“No!” Little Michael Gove Aged 6 replies, “I’ve been wondering what that sound is myself!”

“I think it’s some kind of an alarm!” Willy exclaims, “We had better run away quickly!”

The five children, their toys and Mr Pickles skip off down the street merrily; all pushing a separate shopping-trolley of tasty treats before them.

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